Terms & Conditions

The Association accepts no responsibility for any property or belongings of the hall hirer and their party 


All functions will terminate at 23.00hrs and the hall must be vacated by Midnight.  If you wish to extend the Bar hours to midnight then an additional charge of 30 will be payable on the night you must vacate by 00.45hrs
The hirer is responsible for the behaviour of all guests and any damage to the hall, adjacent areas and equipment occurring during the period of hiring or whilst persons are entering and leaving the building, however and by whomever it was caused. You may not tamper with any furniture or fittings and are responsible for leaving the hall and food areas used clean tidy and in the same presentable state as found. The Association reserves the right to charge for any loss, damage or special cleaning required and the retainer will be not be returned or only part returned to cover costs damage in excess of 50 will be charged separately

Balloons & banners are permitted however party poppers, streamers & spray decorations are forbidden. Use of adhesive tape & glue to apply them are also forbidden, please use blue-tac or a similar substance (not supplied). Please note that wall or ceiling decorations must be applied in the designated areas ONLY.  Entry for hall decoration must be arranged in advance with the bar steward.


No form of beverage may be brought into or consumed on the premises, unless the Association has provided it. It is illegal to serve or give anyone under 18 alcohol in licensed premises, proof of age will be required if requested. Anyone found to be buying alcohol for someone under 18 and any underage drinkers will be asked to leave. We reserve the right to implement the rule to serve only one drink per customer if we deem this necessary.

Fire Escapes

The Fire Escape doors are to remain closed at all times, except and ONLY in an emergency.

Other Hire

See Equipment Hire Terms & Conditions

Failure to comply with these rulings will result in the function being terminated immediately

Unacceptable behaviour may result in a member being cautioned or banned and non members being
banned from hiring the hall again and/or attending any future functions held at the Viewpoint Club